Chaos Echoes
The Occursus Series
3CS Box Set

Chaos Echoes play a unique style of ritualistic Death metal with a high dose of well-used improvisation and experimentation mixed with ambiance sections that get you immersed into a twisted and oppressive atmosphere.

"The Occursus Series" is a collection of three releases that includes the first band's rehearsal recorded 2012, their second EP "Duo Experience /Spectral Affinities" originally self-released in 2013, and a live recording from 2013 at La Boule Noire (Paris).

Release details:
- Crafted black matte box with embossed gloss varnish Chaos Echoes Emblem.
- 3 Cassettes with silver imprint housed in a charcoal blackcard stock j-card printed with metallic silver ink.
- 12 page charcoal black cardstock photo booklet also printed with metallic silver ink.
- Jcards printed with silver ink on uncoated black paper.
- 12 pages booklet with extra artwork by Stefan Thanneur.
- Digital download card for each release.
- Edition of 100 copies.
- Released in collaboration with Sentient Ruin Laboratories (US).